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Although web page animations have at times got a bad rap, developers are always looking for ways to make things easier. CSS animations and transitions have been a huge step forward, but more complex interactions often require a library. Anime is a new animation engine you’ll want to take a look at if you need to add complex animated components to your apps.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Anime:
We all know the "read the source material" guy right? Well he's not entirely wrong (I would know, I am that guy), but there are still advantages to anime form.
The most obvious one is animation. Things move and flow, and a well animated scene can move like a river in the sunset. There are many fantastic shots and there are times when you can just be watching a scene and say, "Damn, the animation on this blew the manga the fuck out." On top of this you get color. Not just a single color page, not even a couple color pages. The whole thing is in color, that's some good shit right there. Color can add so much to the art style of a work. Black and white is great and all, but gradient colors just look so much better. Everything is more vibrant and full of life, and that's a great advantage for anime.
Animation, however, is a double edged sword. It costs money to animate shit. A lot of money. If a studio runs out of money or just doesn't have enough then the animation can look choppy, low quality, or the images themselves can just look shit. This is less of an issue in manga because they artists only has to worry about 10-30 pages a month/week, instead of hundreds to thousands of frames for an anime. It's very easy for quality on an animation to go south, and it can greatly take away from it.
Another advantage is sound and music. A good soundtrack can really add to an anime, and even make a shitty anime memorable. Not much else to say about it because it's pretty obvious.
What I see as the biggest disadvantage in anime is it's restriction to the 11-13 episode/cour format. Manga generally run until they are finished by the author or are axed, which means they generally have fewer pacing issues. That's not to say that there are none in manga, god knows that's not true, it's just less of a worry to fit X amount of story into X amount of episodes. On the flip side, anime doesn't suddenly get axed. Axed manga are really depressing, because you can see all of the potential and the last chapter or two will general suck ass as they try to tie up all the points they had planned out.
The final flaw of anime is the possible loss of art style. The biggest fear most manga readers have when they hear that an anime will be adapted is that the art style will be lost, and this is especially dangerous for anime where the art style is a defining feature or especially in-depth. A good example of this is the upcoming Prison School anime. The art style for the manga is fucking great, but few people believe that the anime will be able to maintain that level of quality.

The advantages of anime is its animation like the way you move, and a well animated scene that for example you can move like a river under the sunset. Some animes make shots or scenes that are so awesome that it makes you think like: “Man, the manga of this anime is just too boring and dull.” A manga is a Japanese story that are colored in black and white and has words. On the top of it, you get colors, its not just one page, its not just a number of page full of colors but the whole thing has color, so it makes everything have emotions, life, and meaningful. Anime are Japanese anime productions featuring hand-drawn or computer animations. In Japan anime refers to all Japanese animations. Anime is a shortened version of romanji animeshon (“animation”). The benefits of anime is a high self-esteem and an interest in the fields of art. The disadvantages of anime is people can be short-tempered or violent and watching in addiction and it can ruin our lives . Anime can either make or break us, It can make us because we may need to make buisness with it. It can break us because we will be addicted to watching anime.
people’s top 10 best anime choices are the following:number 10 is Bleach, number 9 is Astroboy, number 8 is Dragonball, number 7 is Ghost in the Shell, number 6 is Princess Mononoke, number 5 is Voltron: Defender of the Universe, number 4 is Neon Genesis Evangelio, number 3 is Cowboy Bebop, number 2 is Naruto, and last but not the least guess what it is the number 1 most liked anime.

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