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Voice User Interfaces

Voice user interface is another exciting web application development trend nowadays with developers aiming to make the voice interaction as intuitive as possible. With the growing popularity of voice assistants such as Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri, conversational interfaces are fast becoming an integral part of web development technologies. Soon, users won’t need to memorize complex commands to use advanced web features and can leverage voice services to perform these specific tasks. As a result, web development companies are fast adopting VUI in web applications to offer an enhanced user experience to the visitors.
Why Voice Is on the Rise
With each recent decade, we’ve seen a new form of human-computer interaction emerge and quickly become commonplace. Each step brought a magic moment when we discovered what we could suddenly do: Click with a mouse! Pinch with our fingers!
Soon after, we realized the full potential of each form—that we could do more with the mouse than play Solitaire, for example.
People are now awakening to the vast potential of VUI. They are engaging in voice experiences beyond customer service and search. They’re talking to Alexa to control their lights, play games, and even plan entertainment.
There are four broader trends fueling the rise of voice.

Web Services, IoT Have Opened Doors

Web services and the Internet of Things provide ready-made opportunities for voice. Sensors and readouts, for example, make for natural smart-home integrations.

The Science Is Accessible

Now anyone can leverage learnings from fields like automatic speech recognition (ASR), natural language understanding (NLU), and text to speech (TTS).

The Hardware Can Support the Use Case

Existing hardware can support far-field voice input processing (FFVIP), enabling a wider range of experiences with VUIs.

AI Is Making VUIs Smarter

Thanks to advances in machine learning, VUIs are learning and adapting to users’ speech patterns, preferences, and contexts over time.

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