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App Security

Some thoughts that cross the users’ mind while installing Apps on their smartphones include:

  • Does the app Keep my private data secure?
  • Is it possible that someone can hack into my data stored in the app?
  • How much data does the app need?
  • Is the app a resource hog, which will slow down my phone?
  • Can my data be misused?

Mobile app development companies need to address these concerns if they wish to succeed.  As the Gartner report points, the discussion on security has moved from being compliant to doing the right thing in 2019. mobile apps that convince the users that you have taken care of their security can only succeed.
The importance of application security scanning, and the benefits it offers can never be overstated. Application security scanning for vulnerabilities can help app developers detect a variety of potential threats and weaknesses which can then be addressed during the development or enhancement processes.
Application security is no longer optional; it has become an absolute necessity. With an increasing number of companies welcoming the idea of developing their own apps, in addition to purchasing record numbers of apps and incorporating open source code into their apps, the risks and vulnerabilities associated have also risen manifold.

The Benefits:

Safety and Security of Confidential Information
The safety and security of sensitive information is a primary concern for many individuals. This is one of the major reasons why many are hesitant to share personal information online.
To remove this negative stigma, many companies go to huge lengths to assure customers that their information is safe with them. The online retail business and credit card industry are prime examples of this.
With the growing trend of online shopping, the Payment Card Industry (PCI) has enforced a set of guidelines and security measures to limit instances of credit card fraud and make the process of online transactions safe. This added security measure has helped the companies in this industry grow, but there is always that question of whether they doing enough.

Sound Market Reputation

In this day and age where companies are being affected by cyberattackers left and right, it is somewhat of a luxury to be safe from such occurrences. However, those who manage to do so have reaped the rewards in terms of the number of customers they serve, sales they make and reputation they have earned as a result of their best-in-industry practices.
The Risks:


Data breach, or any other form of loss of personal and confidential information, is a serious matter that could land a company in a lot of trouble. It could even require an organization to pay a huge sum of money as a settlement.
Case in point: A major search engine company is currently battling a lawsuit in the wake of a data breach it suffered in 2014, which compromised the accounts of nearly 500 million users. From lawyer fees to an uncertainty looming over the company’s health, this is definitely something every small or large business wants to avoid.

Poor Brand Image

What company wouldn’t love to be in the news? After all, it’s free publicity, increasing their brand awareness as well as enhancing their brand identity and popularity; that is if they are on the news for all the right reasons!

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